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What does Walt Leger’s bright future hold?

By Allan Katz and Danae Columbus in the Uptown Messenger

We like politicians who have a plan for New Orleans’s future. State Representative and House Speaker Pro Temp Walt Leger III definitely fits the bill. Though expected to easily win re-election for a third term at the Louisiana Legislature, Leger delivered thought-provoking remarks at his well-attended Audubon Tea Room fundraiser earlier this week that quickly set the tone for his political future, perhaps as a candidate for mayor in 2017.

Walt’s unique path to success has been carved out by generations of Legers. The family’s legacy of service was built on the Mississippi by his great-grandfather who was a ship captain, his river pilot grandfather, and his father Walt Jr., a highly successful corporate and maritime attorney.

Leger already espouses many of the traits we would want in our city’s future leader. He’s a proactive legislator, tough on crime, an advocate for children and families, fights for fairness and promotes juvenile justice, improved education and healthcare. Leger has received numerous awards from good government groups.

By establishing the Third Coast Political Action Committee, Leger is primed to maximize fundraising opportunities. A host of city’s high-profile political donors representing tourism, the legal community, labor and business turned out for the event. Among those spotted were Nancy Marsiglia, Bill Hines, Joe Bruno, Joe Jaeger, Ralph and Susan Brennan, Steve Pettus, Gary Solomon Jr., Steve Perry, Tiger Hammond, Blake Jones, Dan Forman, Nyka Scott, Norma Jane Sabiston, Adrian Bruno, Felicia Kahn, Mac Bauer and Dwight Barnes. Also present were elected officials Jared Brossett, Judge Chris Bruno and fellow legislators Helena Moreno and J.P. Morrell.

Leger had been talked about as a candidate for Attorney General before deciding to seek re-election. He will be one of dozens making their way to qualifying next Tuesday through Thursday either in Arthur Morrell’s office or at the Secretary of State in Baton Rouge. It will be a fun-filled three days with lots of excitement and surprises.

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