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Rep. Leger Hosts Roundtable on Economic Impact of Immigrants in Louisiana

Today, Louisiana House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tempore State Representative Walter “Walt” Leger III (D-New Orleans) convened a meeting that gathered business and community leaders to discuss a new report released by the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE). The Louisiana-specific research includes data on the foreign-born population in Louisiana, their tax contributions, their spending power, and their role in Louisiana’s key industries as leaders and job creators. 
“As we look to grow the economy and create jobs for Louisianians, it is important that we consider all of the variables, like economic stimuli provided by immigrants,” said Rep. Leger (D-New Orleans). “Today’s roundtable provided a forum for public officials and the business community to discuss how we can strengthen our economy, expand job opportunities, and become more competitive.”
The report states that immigrants make up four percent of the state’s population and contributed $1.4 billion in taxes, or close to 5 percent of the total share in 2014. That same year, immigrants earned $5 billion, or 4.6 percent of all income earned by Louisiana residents.
According to the report, immigrants in Louisiana contribute to crucial industries, such as agriculture and health care. They make up 9.1 percent of all entrepreneurs in the state, and play a large role in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, a major component of U.S. economic growth. These and other key statistics on immigrants in Louisiana can be found in the PNAE report.
The roundtable coincided with the NAE’s launch of the Reason for Reform campaign in all 50 states today.