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LSU Health New Orleans Foundation Honors Leger as ‘Outstanding Legislator’

LSU Health New Orleans recognized Rep. Leger for his “superior leadership and exceptional support of fiscal and policy-related issues affecting LSU Health Sciences New Orleans during the 2015 Legislative Session. According to LSU Health New Orleans, Rep. Leger and fellow honored legislators played a critical role in preventing catastrophic reduction to the institution’s base budget. Rep.Leger and his colleagues supported funding to ensure that the LSU Health hospital’ private partners – University Medical Center, Our Lady of the Lake and University Health in Lafayette – had the requisite resources to fulfill their role in training future health care professionals and providing health care to the most vulnerable citizens of our state, as well as funding for programs such as LSU Health New Orleans’ Louisiana Tumor Registry, its Breast and Cervical Health Program, and the Louisiana Cancer Center Consortium.

LSU Health New Orleans Foundation President and CEO Chad Leingang says these first- time awards are significant for several reasons. “No one would deny this past legislative session was extremely challenging on many levels. These six legislators went above and beyond to minimize the negative outcomes LSU Health New Orleans could have faced and instead kept us on a positive path moving forward.”