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Sign the Pledge to Support Passenger Rail

For years Rep. Leger has been spearheading efforts to create a high-quality passenger rail line connecting New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He co-sponsored legislation to create the Louisiana Super Regional Rail Authority, and currently serves as a representative of Orleans Parish on the Commission. The Rail Authority was formed to deliver a project that will yield long term benefits by connecting a growing corridor and providing residents and commuters a reliable, safe and efficient alternative to traveling on the congested interstate.

According to the LSRRA, Passenger Rail Service in the Baton Rouge to New Orleans corridor would provide a number of benefits:

  • Safe, efficient and reliable alternative transportation option along the corridor
  • Foundation for economic competitiveness and development opportunities at or near the stations
  • Energy efficiency and environmental quality
  • Interconnected livable communities with improved access to jobs and essential services
  • New means for evacuation in the event of natural disasters

Please join the cause and sign the pledge to support passenger rail.

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