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Making Our Vision for Louisiana a Reality


We ended the 2013 regular session today at 6 p.m. A lot of hard work led to a great sense of satisfaction.

The session is about much more than crafting legislation and hashing out a budget; it is where we represent the will of you, the people, and it is where we work to make our vision for the future of Louisiana a reality.

Did we succeed or did we fall short?

Yes we succeeded, and yes, we fell short.

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Why the Louisiana New Markets Jobs Act is a smart investment 

Ronald Reagan once said, “The best social program is a job.”

The Louisiana New Markets Jobs Act fosters job creation and retention by making private financing available to the best jobs engine in America – local small businesses.

Louisiana New Markets will quickly bring $55 million of private capital for small business financing through a distinct public-private partnership.

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The following report is provided by Families USA and Louisiana Consumer Healthcare Coalition

Louisiana is facing an important decision: whether or not to accept federal dollars to provide health insurance to many uninsured state residents through Medicaid. This decision will have profound implications for the hundreds of thousands of Louisianans who stand to gain health coverage if the state participates in the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. But it will also affect the entire state. With the expansion, new federal funds—more than one billion dollars—become available. These funds would stimulate Louisiana’s economy and support more than ten thousand jobs. This report looks at the potential impact of a Medicaid expansion on jobs and economic activity in Louisiana.

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Walt speaking on Fix the Debt LAI am honored to join leaders from across the state by serving on the steering committee of the Louisiana Chapter of the national Campaign to Fix the Debt.

The national debt has serious and direct implications on us here in Louisiana. Our schools and children’s programs are going to lose millions of dollars, thousands of federal employees who live here are going to have to stop working, and we will lose millions of dollars in Federal healthcare and environmental protection funds.

That’s why I’m taking a leadership role in the Campaign to Fix the Debt and urging our elected officials in Washington to come together to solve our nation’s fiscal challenges.

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Governor Jindal’s proposed tax plan has been widely criticized by many of my colleagues and numerous interest groups, including religious leaders from across Louisiana. The flawed plan would place an unfair burden on families, small businesses, and taxpayers across the board.

The Governor’s tax plan is poor policy and not beneficial to attracting businesses, growing jobs, or building a strong economy. Under the Governor’s plan, you may not have to pay income tax, but you will pay more in sales tax and services. Furthermore, the Legislature would have no choice but to raise taxes even further to make up for resulting budget shortfalls.

Gov. Jindal’s tax plan doesn’t add up, and Louisiana’s citizens would end up paying for it. I’m going to fight for you this session to prevent this misguided tax plan from taking effect.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, getting help is easier than you may think. The Metropolitan Human Services District offers a range of services addressing mental health, addictive disorder, and developmental disability needs for the citizens of Orleans, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines Parishes.

Care is available 24/7 -- all you have to do is call.

  • For general information about care, call 504-568-3130
  • For immediate care, call 504-826-2675


Walt and Howard Dean

Walt met with a number of state leaders including former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean

I recently met with America's top legislative leaders at the National Conference of State Legislators’ Legislative Leaders Meeting. I was able to share best practices and gather effective strategies to help put Louisiana ahead of the curve as one of America’s greatest states.

As the Chair of the Southern High-Speed Rail Commission, I have been working hard to  push for high-speed and other passenger rail services in our District. We have completed two major Railroad Corridor Transportation Plans, which are the first steps toward participating in the High-Speed program. The plans cover routes between New Orleans, Lake Charles, Mobile, and Meridian.

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Hurricane Season is right around the corner, beginning on June 1st. You shouldn’t wait until then to prepare, though.

This spring, be sure to:

  • Put Together an Emergency Kit
  • Make Preparations
  • Get Informed

You can learn more about preparing for Hurricane Season at and