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Louisiana workerEconomic development is not just a catchphrase; it touches virtually every issue in Louisiana, from crime to education. 

I have focused his energy on growing the economy from the middle out, by supporting Louisiana’s backbone – small businesses.

As Speaker Pro Tempore of the Louisiana House of Representatives, I have strived to be one of the state’s greatest champions for economic opportunity.  An avid proponent of innovative programs, workforce development, infrastructure improvements, and fair employment practices, I have sponsored and supported dozens of pieces of legislation to strengthen Louisiana’s economy and help its people prosper.

  • Louisiana’s Entertainment Tax Credits Program – supports over $1.1 billion in sales at firms in the state, $770.6 million in household earnings for state citizens, and 15,184 jobs.
  • Louisiana New Markets Jobs Act – leverages Federal dollars to generate $55 million in private financing available to local small businesses
  • Capital Outlay Programs – strengthens our state’s infrastructure, enhances our District, and makes numerous improvements in the Greater New Orleans Area, including after-school program and school buildings, museums and cultural institutions, health care centers, the Sports & Entertainment District, the French Quarter, and downtown. 
  • New Orleans Riverfront Revitalization –  accelerates New Orleans’ riverfront redevelopment, creating jobs, boosting our local economy, and cementing New Orleans’ position as a top destination for tourists and conventions.
  • Medifund – invests in bioinnovation and biomedical research that will create jobs, grow the economy, and promote a knowledge-based economy for Louisiana.
  • Education Funding – supports certified classroom teachers with a pay increase and prepares our youth for the jobs of tomorrow. 
  • Equal Pay for Women – ensures that everyone gets the same pay for the same work and enhances Louisiana’s reputation as a good place to do business.
  • Health Care Support – allows our state to access more federal funds, ensuring medical care fits in Louisianan’s budgets, creating 15,600 new jobs, and generating $1.8 billion in additional economic activity.

Much more, visit to find all the bills sponsored by Walt.

Fueling the Jobs Engine

The hard-working people of Louisiana are entitled to the American Dream, which begins with access to well-paying jobs. Walt grew up with a strong work ethic, and he knows what can be accomplished with determination and a helping hand. That’s why he has focused on creating employment opportunities, providing quality education and job training, and offering affordable healthcare options that fit in Louisianans’ budgets.

Fighting for Small Business

By taking care of our local business owners and ensuring that visionaries are able to break into the market, we can ensure a far brighter and more secure future for Louisiana’s economy. Walt’s seen what  small businesses can achieve when they are able to overcome financial and bureaucratic obstacles. As a founding board member of DesireNOLA, he worked side-by-side with small businesses to get them back on their feet following Hurricane Katrina.    

Early childhood education programs are an important foundation for long-term educational success.  We must work to ensure that Pre-K is available to all children.  We should enhance student opportunities to enroll in programs promoting workforce training and coursework in universities and community colleges for our high school students. 

Every high school student should be prepared for post-secondary education…whether in a traditional university setting or in the technical and community college programs that teach specific job skills.  We must prepare our students for the highly skilled, well-paying jobs that the Rebirth of New Orleans will demand!

doctor with patient

Everyone should have access to the best possible healthcare. With Governor Jindal making devastating cuts to healthcare by rejecting Louisiana’s inclusion in the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, we must continue to work together across party lines and tackle the big issues that remain. In April of 2013, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley (R-Lake Charles) and I filed House Bill 532 and House Bill 533, two constitutional amendments that would help stabilize Louisiana’s healthcare delivery system. This legislation will make it easier for Louisiana’s hospitals to generate a stable source of funding by allowing them to make investments in order to get additional dollars from the federal government. More specifically, House Bill 532 will create the Louisiana Hospital Stabilization Formula and Fund to more effectively fund hospital care for Medicaid and uninsured patients.

The health care constitutional amendments will expand access to Medicaid coverage for 400,000 Louisianans, including providing insurance for uninsured children and working parents. The legislation will also create 15,600 new jobs and $1.8 billion in additional economic activity. 

Both pieces of legislation are constitutional amendments that voters will be able to approve in the 2014 statewide election. So it is now up to you, the public, to Vote Yes to Healthcare!