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Making Our Streets Safe

crime scene

As a former felony prosecutor, I've spent a lot of time prosecuting violent offenders and drug traffickers. I am personally aware of the challenges our criminal justice system faces. Too often, we see that our city officials are not properly prepared and empowered to enforce the law. It is my mission as your representative to make sure that they are.  

The Legislature partially funds the police and the District Attorney’s office. The Judiciary Committee has oversight for both. I conduct hearings in Baton Rouge to hold them accountable, and I am determined to see crime diminish over the next five years.  With your support, I can ensure the safety of our streets for years to come.      

I have many visions for rectifying our criminal justice system, and I am motivated each day to fight for the community that I have served for nearly seven years. Please join me in my fight, and let’s take a stand together against violent crime in New Orleans.