Courage and Vulnerability

Last Wednesday, I gave my farewell speech to the Louisiana House of Representatives. My wife and my daughters were there with me as I formally said goodbye and tried to put into words everything this experience has meant to me. 

Walt Leger

I have served District 91 and this great State for 12 years and it has been the honor of my life. 

It has also been the challenge of my life because a job like this makes you vulnerable. Running for office makes you vulnerable. Voting on important issues makes you vulnerable.  Public Service leaves you vulnerable to attacks, criticism, and rejection at the polls.  

It would be a lot easier if I did this on my own behalf.  It would be a lot easier to reach forward and press that red or green button if I didn’t consider my constituents or who was sitting to my right and to my left. It would be a whole lot easier if I sat alone in that chair. But I don’t.

For 12 years, I have sat in that chair with every single one of you. With every single conversation, email, phone call, text message. With every single one of your own hopes and fears. With every single one of your voices in my ear and in my heart.

It takes bravery and courage to be vulnerable, which the people of Louisiana well know. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for showing me your courage so that I may be courageous and make the hard choices when they come.

My goal has been to serve with dignity so that my constituents may live with dignity.​

I hope that I have served you well.