Philosophical Differences on Display

“‘I can tell you another thing about those states,’ Leger said, ‘They spend more money on higher education than we do.’

‘I wonder what their outcomes are?’ Stokes asked.

‘Also better,’ Leger replied.”

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Higher Ed Asks: What About TOPS?

“‘At some point you begin to question what is it really worth if all you’re getting is a scholarship to a college that’s so terribly underfunded,’ Leger said, ruefully. ‘It comes down to, when are we going to prioritize investing in the thing that moves the economy the most – having an educated workforce.’”

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Will ‘budget scrub’ find money for TOPS?

“Leger, D-New Orleans, said if lawmakers don't come up with the dollars to pay the full price tag for the college tuition program, they need to consider adjustments. He said across-the-board reductions to every student's tuition aid disproportionately hit low-income and first-time students.”

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