Compromise is part of the process

This week, I sponsored HB 12, which was offered as a compromise to raise the revenue necessary to fund the budget and avoid the fiscal cliff. When it came up for a second vote, a small handful of Legislators rejected it and ran out the clock, refusing to participate in the process and compromise.

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Moving the process forward

Today, with only 4 days left in the Second Special Session of 2018, the sixth Special Session since 2016, we will finally be allowed to vote on a budget bill on the House floor.

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Exchanging despair for hope

This week, we begin the 2018 Regular Session. I think we can all agree that it comes on the heels of a disappointing Special Session in which the Louisiana Legislature failed to address the $994 Million deficit that threatens to halt the State’s otherwise positive momentum. I was more than disappointed with the results of the Special Session-I was devastated.

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