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Louisiana Music Industry Investment Act is good news

“State Representative Walt Leger of New Orleans authored the new law, which takes effect today. Leger worked with Louisiana Economic Development and the Recording Academy, which sponsors The Grammys, to pass the new law. If the new law works as proposed, it will deserve a Grammy all its own.”

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Impact of Immigrants on the Economy in NOLA

New Data on the Greater New Orleans Area Shows the Economic Impact of Immigrant Population Today, local leaders showcased new research on the contributions of immigrants in the Greater New Orleans Area, specifically highlighting tax contributions, spending power, workforce composition and entrepreneurial characteristics. Spearheaded by New American Economy (NAE), the data release marks the launch of Map the Impact—a campaign to highlight the economic power of immigrants in communities across the country.

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How many undocumented immigrants are living in Louisiana?

“State Rep. Walt Leger III, D-New Orleans, led a roundtable Wednesday with local business and civic leaders to talk about the findings. Leger and other speakers acknowledged illegal immigration is a real concern. It undermines our country's laws and creates a "shadow economy" where workers are vulnerable to abuse and hesitant to get law enforcement officers involved, Leger said.”

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